• Technology

    Cameron Thomson partners with cutting-edge tech companies and integrates their innovations into clients' and partners' solutions and ongoing projects.

    WCP Media

    Cameron Thomson successfully introduced WCP Media's cutting-edge media asset management platform to clients in the international film & TV community.

    Thornhill Research

    Cameron Thomson provided funding opportunities for Thornhill Research, a pioneer in developing world class medical devices and products.


    Cameron Thomson unlocked European and Canadian sales opportunities for Ensequence, the leading provider of interactive TV software.

  • What We're Interested In


    Our team has an established track record in founding and building tech companies.


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    Making content accessible & personal

    Cameron Thomson has active interests in mobile-only apps and technology for interactive gaming & betting, entertainment, and payments.

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    Content production is our ecosystem

    We're talking post production, digital TV & cinema, content management & security, 3D/4D effects engines, advanced production and broadcast systems.

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    OTT & VOD

    Evolving TV & film consumption

    We develop and implement new strategies and business models for online video by working with studios and global brands to infuse best practices and innovation.

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    Cloud Content Management

    Managing & delivering media securely

    We leverage today's leading cloud based platforms to store, manage and monetize valuable digital assets.

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    IT & Health

    We're at the frontier of health innovation

    We bring our expertise in business development & financing to serve the rapidly growing IT and med-tech industry.