• Entertainment

    Enabling television & film content creation is our passion and a core business focus.


    Cameron Thomson is executive producer of the motion picture BRE-X, based upon the true story of the world's most infamous mining fraud. BRE-X starts shooting in Taiwan during spring 2018.

    Cameron Thomson Entertainment Film Fund

    Asia's newest filmed entertainment production slate fund for the Chinese and international markets.

    The Como Forum

    Cameron Thomson hosts the exclusive Como Forum for film and television industry leaders.

    The Nut Job

    Cameron Thomson led financing for the The Nut Job, the highest-grossing independent animated film of all time.

  • What We're Focused On


    We do everything from development to monetization.


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    Content Creation

    TV & film begins with capacity

    Cameron Thomson and its global partner network of studios are ready to assist all types of productions, from first time independents to multinational projects.


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    It's also about financing

    Cameron Thomson has a history of packaging talent and distribution, coordinating project financing, and ensuring successful completion of the production.


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    Keep in mind, this is a business

    Cameron Thomson's global distribution network ensures that great TV and film projects can also be given the greatest opportunity to be seen and to succeed.