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Taiwan’s Huallywood Film Studios Teams with WCPMedia to Create Next Generation Media Infrastructure for Motion Picture and Television Production

WCP cloud-based platform will serve as the asset management and distribution backbone to giant studio complex being built by Taiwan Land Development Corporation. 

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Taipei, Taiwan -- Huallywood Film Studios, the giant studio park currently under construction in Hualien County (Taiwan), has forged an alliance with Swiss-headquartered WCPMedia Services to deploy its cloud-based media asset management infrastructure in Taiwan.

Huallywood Film Studios aims to be positioned as a global Media & Entertainment ecosystem where the best companies in the industry will cooperate to create and exchange content, related services and skills. Huallywood will be, therefore, a company which will use technology and cloud-based solutions to extend its reach everywhere and anytime to interact and cooperate with its customers.

WCPMedia Services platform perfectly matches these key strategic technological and business requirements and it’s the perfect enabler for this ecosystem vision. “WCPMedia’s platform will serve as a powerful media backbone of the new studio, providing a fully-integrated solution for storing and managing assets during each phase of production through to delivery to third-parties worldwide”, says Ronald Thomson, CEO of Huallywood Film Studios. 

“The WCPMedia Services platform is based on a secure, cost effective and neutral architecture/solution, highly scalable and designed to support a many-to-many business exchange and connectivity with no time and geographical boundaries. We are excited to be integrating WCP’s cloud-based media asset management solution into our core production services architecture. This leading technology provides our film and TV production clients the most advanced and responsible approach for managing their high value content in today’s global market”, says Thomson. 

WCP has developed its cloud-based platform, able to provide its services everywhere-anytime and to interact and cooperate with all the business players in the media industry: financiers, producers, labs and post houses, professionals, distributors, broadcaster, regulators.

The cloud-based infrastructure will enhance Huallywood’s ability to collaborate with production partners and deliver media to clients worldwide. “Huallywood Film Studio will be a next-generation studio competing on the world market at the highest level,” said WCPMedia Services President Cristina Molinari. “Our platform will allow Huallywood to reach and support its clients and business partners anywhere in the world, and at any time in the media lifecycle”. The WCPMedia platform is currently being used by leading studios, production companies, distributors, broadcasters and film festivals in Europe and the United States.

About Huallywood Film Studios


Taiwan Land Development Corp announced plans for the Huallywood studio park in June. They include the construction of a studio complex, production and post-production facilities, executive office space and other resources that will form an end-to-end ecosystem for entertainment media production. Construction is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2017. 

Spearheaded by Ronald Thomson, founder of Cameron Thomson Group, Huallywood’s business responds to the expanding demand for technologically advanced audiovisual production facilities and enhanced services for the world film and TV industry.

“Huallywood Film Studios aims to create an end-to-end ecosystem in the scenic area to assist global film and TV producers by facilitating content development, production, distribution and monetization”, Taiwan Land Development chairman Chiu Fu-sheng (邱復生) said. The park is part of an ongoing development project in the Hualien Bay area that is to encompass a residential complex, hotels, movie theaters and recreational and retail spaces.

“Hualien has advantages to offer the world production market by creating the next generation of filming facilities for international producers,” said Mr.Chiu, who gained credentials in TV and film production before delving into property development.

Huallywood helps local film and TV producers move into the spotlight, taking over as the nation’s main industry from the information technology and communications sectors, Mr. Chiu said.

About Taiwan Land Development Corporation (TLDC)
TLDC is Taiwan's leading land development company. The group's principal activity is providing land development and urban renovation. Services include urban renewal, industrial park development, asset management and professional consultation. The company was founded on June 30, 1964 and is headquartered at Taipei, Taiwan.

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About WCPMedia Services
Founded in 2011 in Switzerland, World Content Pole SA (WCPMedia Services) is an entertainment software and services company based in Europe (Switzerland), USA and Canada that manages, markets and distributes content to business partners and clients quickly, easily and securely. WCPMedia Services offers a platform of smart process applications that combines proprietary software with top-tier solutions developed by proven and trusted technology companies.

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