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Huallywood Film Studios Signs International Development Deal with China’s Xiangshan TV & Film City

Huallywood forges exclusive partnership with Xiangshan Studios for development of its global film and TV production business

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Taipei, Taiwan & Ningbo, China — Huallywood Film Studios, the Taiwan-based film and TV production studio ecosystem, has forged an exclusive international development deal with China’s largest film studio complex, Xiangshan TV & Film City, to spearhead Xiangshan’s international business and extend Huallywood’s film and TV production capacity through Xiangshan’s massive production soundstage and backlot facilities near Ningbo, China.

The agreement with Xiangshan underscores Huallywood’s global media & entertainment ecosystem where the best companies in the industry can create and exchange content, related services, cutting edge innovation and skills. Huallywood brings its growing network of leading film and TV production companies and facilities, post production services, technology and cloud-based solutions to extend Xiangshan’s international reach everywhere and anytime to interact and cooperate with its customers.

Xiangshan offers the largest and most scalable production studios environment in mainland China, and offers global film makers a powerful platform for delivering advanced production facilities and crews, combined with competitive pricing and access to favourable tax incentives. “Xiangshan’s expansive soundstages together with its experienced production teams, set building, and ancillary resources provide a very compelling solution for international productions in search of leadership and value”, says Ronald Thomson, CEO of Huallywood Film Studios.

“The Xiangshan group are extremely well positioned to deliver the highest quality and craftsmanship for their clients while representing a powerful inroad into the Chinese market”, says Thomson.

About Huallywood Film Studios

Taiwan Land Development Corp (TLDC) announced plans for the Huallywood studio park in June 2016. They include the construction of a studio complex, production and post-production facilities, executive office space and other resources that will form an end-to-end ecosystem for entertainment media production. Construction is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2017.

Spearheaded by Ronald Thomson, founder of Cameron Thomson Group, Huallywood Film Studios aims to create an end-to-end ecosystem in the scenic area to assist global film and TV producers by facilitating content development, production, distribution and monetization. 

Huallywood’s business responds to the expanding demand for technologically advanced audiovisual production facilities and enhanced services for the world film and TV industry.

Huallywood Studios have partnered with the world’s most advanced technology companies and solutions providers to the film and TV production sector. In conjunction with these partners Huallywood provides its partner’s services and solutions to the global production community to provide best practices, facilities, tools and services available under one roof for producing their content. Huallywood’s ecosystem encompasses every aspect of production and post production, visual effects and SPX, sound and picture, asset management, storage, delivery and distribution, development and financing. It offers the world production market the next generation of filming facilities for international producers.

About Taiwan Land Development Corporation (TLDC)

TLDC is Taiwan's leading land development company. The group's principal activity is providing land development and urban renovation. Services include urban renewal, industrial park development, asset management and professional consultation. The company was founded on June 30, 1964 and is headquartered at Taipei, Taiwan.

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About Xiangshan TV and Film City

Xiangshan TV & Film City owns and operates 200,000 square meters of film studios space near Ningbo, China. Xiangshan has become the fastest growing and largest development supporting China’s national film industry. Xiangshan TV and Film City is renown as China's top film and television production centre. As of 2016, Xiangshan has produced an impressive array of films and television series, hosting over 470 productions, including "Condor Hero", "Sacrifice", "Go Princess Go", "Nirvana in Fire" and "Legend of MiYue”. Xiangshan has been the base for productions featuring major international directors and stars including Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis, Ge You, Chen Daoming, Huang Xiaoming, Chen Kun, Zhang Guoli, Li Bingbing, Fan Bingbing, angelababy, Liu Yifei, Daniel Wu, Zhong Hanliang, Yang Mi, Liu Shishi, and Chen Weiting. 

Xiangshan has invested heavily in its vast backlot facilities which provide authentic locations and historic context across dynasties. In 2012, Xiangshan TV and Film City was rated as a National 4A-class Tourist Attractions by the National Tourism Administration; in 2013, was listed as the Modern Service Industry Demonstration Area in Zhejiang Province and Self-driving Tourism Test Base in Zhejiang; in 2014, become the first batch of National Marine Cultural Industry Demonstration Base; in 2016, was rated as China's Most Popular Tourist Attractions, 2016 Annual Outstanding Film Base, and Cultural Industry Demonstration Base in Zhejiang Province.

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