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Lumiq Studios Moves Into High Gear For International Growth With Cameron Thomson Group

· Press Release

Torino, Italy — Lumiq Studios S.p.A. ("Lumiq"), the leading film and television production facility located in the Turin-Piedmonte region of Italy announced today an aggressive new program to broaden its international growth in the film and new-media market through its partnership with Cameron Thomson Group.

“Cameron Thomson provides Lumiq Studios with the relationships and industry insight necessary to increase Lumiq Studios's business in the European, North American and other international media and entertainment markets,” said Massimo Tomaselli, CEO of Lumiq Studios S.p.A. “CTG's track record and expertise positions them to extend our reach into global markets and assist our expansion by funnelling international productions into Lumiq and brokering international co-productions.”

“As it reaches out into new territories, Lumiq Studios is building on its capacity to produce the highest quality productions, containing live-action, visual effects and computer animation”, said Ronald Thomson, President of Cameron Thomson Group. “With recent animated feature films, like "Donkey Xote", a co-production with Spain's Filmax, Lumiq are well positioned to extend their animation, visual effects, motion capture and motion control services to live action, animated and computer game productions from around the world”.

“Having Cameron Thomson Group’s assistance in positioning our facilities and production capability in the international market (in addition to our traditional emphasis on local and Eurozone production), helps us to focus on producing the highest quality content,’ said Tomaselli. “Their depth in this marketplace, including interactive and online media will help us with deal-making, licensing, financing, repurposing and expanding the breadth of our client base while enhancing the value of our production capacity”.

About Lumiq Studios Spa.

Lumiq Studios is Italy's most advanced TV and film production, post-production and 3D character animation studio. Based in Torino, Italy, Lumiq Studios develops, produces and co-produces high-tech content for film, TV, advertising and multimedia applications for the Italian and international market.

Lumiq spans approximately 8,000 square meters comprising sets, live action and virtual studios, 2K Telecine, and 3D and character animation suites, recording and post-production units and a multi-purpose projection room. Lumiq's production stages are fully integrated with control rooms, virtual sets, HD cameras, steadycam, and motion control system, and feature the largest “blue box” sets in Europe, a green box, the Vicon motion capture system and a pool for underwater shooting.

Recently relaunched Lumiq Studios represents one of the world's most attractive content production facilities, offering state-of-the-art studios, equipment, production/post production talent, multimedia and animation development under one roof.


About Cameron Thomson Group

Cameron Thomson Group Ltd. offers a unique and powerful suite of outsourced business development solutions. By outsourcing business development activities to CTG, companies can gain immediate international exposure and access to CTG's international management team and vast network of partners. With offices in the UK, North America and Continental Europe, CTG bridges the gap between North America and European media, entertainment, telecom and IT sectors.

Drawing from its broad base of experienced staff and veterans from the media, gaming and technology industries, CTG provides critical insight into direction and tactics to assist companies in transforming business ideas into prosperous commercial opportunities. CTG has proven expertise in converting relationships into revenues and partnerships into opportunities. CTG has a long track record as a sales agency for many leading media and entertainment companies both in Europe and North America. Over the years, CTG has built strong relationships with major studios, prominent media groups, investors, lenders, banks, technology companies and the entertainment community at large.