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De Agostini Editore Launches Web TV Service

· Press Release

Milan, Italy - De Agostini Editore, the publishing division of De Agostini Group S.p.A., one of Europe’s leading multi-national media corporations, through its collaboration with Cameron Thomson Group Ltd., the pre-eminent business development corporation focused on media, entertainment and related technologies, today launched De Agostini’s WebTV service.

“Cameron Thomson has provided us with a necessary strategic assistance to enter this exciting new venture in on-line content distribution, and we are relying on their expertise to help us launch our first two broadband channels in English and Italian. The new channels will focus on our traditional thematic subject areas like Do-It-Yourself, travel, food, lifestyle and family health-oriented subjects,” said Pierfrancesco Gherardi, Corporate Director of Business Development. “CTG has a wide-ranging wealth of experience in the digital media markets in Europe, the United States and Canada. Given their track record and expertise, we are pleased to have them join us in this important initiative.”

About De Agostini Editore

De Agostini Editore operates 30 countries and publishes popular reference, how-to guides, cookbooks, travel guides, and other special interest courses catering to people’s hobbies, interests and passions in 13 languages. Its audience ranges from fans, collectors and aficionados to content of interest to a general audience of children and teens. Working closely with Cameron Thomson since 2006 in evolving its largely print-based business into the digital realm, De Agostini sees an enormous potential in on-line media based on an advertising-supported model.

“With the success of Youtube, and the imminent launch of services like Joost, Babelgum and VeohTV, consumers are turning more and more to broadband for their video information. The content they want is available on-demand, allows them the opportunity to interact and if it means they can watch it for free, they are prepared to watch a short advertising message beforehand,” said Ron Thomson, CEO of CTG. “De Agostini has been offering its worldwide audience the broadest range of popular information for more than a century. As we move into the 21 st century, converting that expertise into broadband television content is a natural extension for De Agostini. We are delighted to be partnering with De Agostini Editore as they enter this important next phase of their business. ”