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Cameron Thomson & Wisdom Capital Form New Asian Entertainment & Culture Business

Hong Kong Based CT Asia Entertainment & Culture introduces global best practices to entertainment financial services and content production

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Hong Kong & Toronto - Cameron Thomson Group, the pre-eminent supplier of business development services to the media and entertainment industries, and Wisdom Capital, a leading Hong Kong-based financial asset management firm, are pleased to announce the formation of a new Asian business. Together the companies have established CT Asia Entertainment & Culture ("CTAEC"), a corporation focusing on creating, packaging, financing and distributing high value entertainment content, experiences and cultural IP targeting Asia.

Based in Hong Kong, with offices in Taipei and Macau, and operations in Toronto, Los Angeles, London and Milan, CTAEC will be the first company in Asia providing entertainment financial services to the expanding entertainment and culture industries. As part of its offering, the company will also create and deliver world class entertainment & culture related content and services.

CTAEC will leverage its access to China and Asian markets for funding film, TV and audiovisual-based content, technology and services. Operating across multiple business lines in the creative industries, CTAEC will leverage Asian funding opportunities for arts & culture, software and IP and rights acquisition, and exploit Cameron Thomson Group's background and experience in content development and monetization.

Moreover, CTAEC will work to develop local education and training programs for the entertainment and cultural sectors in Asia, and help support the development of knowledge-based businesses.

CTAEC's initial operations includes the establishment of the CTE-Asia Production Fund, which brings a proven international financing model to eligible Chinese/global productions for both "super-gap" production financing and P&A financing. Tapping an underserved market segment experiencing explosive growth, the CTE-Asia Fund will focus on story-driven, globally relevant productions having globally marketable content with particular resonance to the growing Chinese market. CTAEC's further financing operations will include production, post-production & technology, distribution, culture (art & antiques), publishing and games & entertainment.

"We're excited to be partnering with Wisdom Capital in building the capital base to deliver CTAEC's powerful business to the Asia entertainment and media markets. Wisdom is a well respected member of the Asian financial services industry, and their strengths in financial structuring and wealth management are fundamental to our success", says Ron Thomson, President of Cameron Thomson and CTAEC.

"Cameron Thomson has a strong reputation and legacy of achievement in building and financing media and entertainment companies in Hollywood, across North America and Europe. Together we have built a new Asian hub and funding mechanism which will fuel the rapidly expanding entertainment industry both in China and across the Asian territories," states Jacky Lei, CEO of Wisdom Capital Holdings and Chairman of CTAEC. "Our CTAEC business represents the opportunity to respond perfectly to the rapidly expanding need for proven financial and commercial acumen (and leadership) in the Asian entertainment production and cultural markets".

About Wisdom Capital Holdings

Wisdom Capital Holdings Limited, through its subsidiaries, provides services to its customers worldwide as listed below:

  •    Asset  Management
  •    Debt Financial into Insurance product
  •    Legal Money Transfer platform for worldwide
  •    Provide Project Financial Services
  •    CRS Solution Service
  •    Trustee Service
  •    Direct  Investment  in Real  Estate
  •    Housing  Credit
  •    Companies  Listed
  •    Companies  Merged
  •    Financial  Investment
  •    Fund  Raising
  •    Venture  Capital  Services
  •    Custodial arrangements
  •    Investment  & Analysis  Advisor
  •    Immigration Program

With offices in Hong Kong, Macau and Taipei, Wisdom Capital provides sophisticated financial and wealth management solutions to clients globally.

About Cameron Thomson Group

Cameron Thomson Cameron Thomson Group Ltd. is a business development company specializing in providing corporate development, financing and business evolution services to the media/entertainment and technology industries. Drawing from its global infrastructure of experienced professionals, Cameron Thomson's expertise is in transforming businesses ideas into prosperous commercial opportunities. Cameron Thomson has established a long standing track record in building successful entertainment and technology companies that maximize the value of their intellectual property across current and evolving platforms.


Cameron Thomson Group is based in Toronto, Canada, with offices in London, Lake Como-Italy, Los Angeles, and Taipei.



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