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Cameron Thomson Partners With Arrow Cinematic Group To Grow International Production

Taiwan-Based Arrow Studios & Cameron Thomson Join Forces On Global Film & TV Production

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Taipei & Toronto - Cameron Thomson Group, the pre-eminent supplier of business development services to the media and entertainment industries, is pleased to announce its studios partnership with Taipei-based Arrow Cinematic Group. Under the arrangement Cameron Thomson and Arrow will develop, finance and co-produce an array of film and TV productions in Asia targeting Chinese and global audiences.

Through its new Asian entertainment production and financing unit, CT Asia Entertainment & Culture, Cameron Thomson will utilize Arrow's world class production facilities and services, both in Taiwan and China, and leverage CT's access to US and worldwide distribution for packaging and financing international film and TV productions.

"The growing international demand for entertainment programming is exacerbated by rapidly expanding Chinese and pan-Asian markets, and their adoption of new platforms including SVOD and OTT. Audiences desire access to positive experiences, empowered through technology and expertise in cinematic production techniques", says Ron Thomson, President of Cameron Thomson.

"And the Asian industry needs sophisticated production financing techniques; more tools to finance movies in more innovative ways to respond to this expanding need. Cameron Thomson delivers proven financing solutions for film and TV, and with Arrow's experience we can integrate excellence in story development and production expertise to ensure consistent high quality engaging content. Arrow brings a legacy of achievement in storytelling to our expanding slate of content for world audiences", added Thomson.

"After over 30 years in serving the production needs of the Asian production industry, we are now co-developing our own slate of production for both Chinese and international distribution. We believe Cameron Thomson`s know how and enlightened approach to development and production financing, together with its global ecosystem of technology providers, has the right ingredients for success as we evolve our production services business to the next level", states John C.T. Yang, EVP of Arrow Cinematic Group.

About Arrow Cinematic Group

Arrow is Taiwan's leading cinematic production studio, and camera and lighting equipment company. For over 30 years under the leadership of Lin Tien Kuei, Arrow has serviced the international production industry, providing technology and expertise to crews and directors including Ang Lee (Life of Pi ), Luc Besson (Lucy), David Loman (Kano), and Martin Scorsese (Silence).

Arrow Cinematic is based in Taipei, Taiwan.

About Cameron Thomson Group
Cameron Thomson Group Ltd. is a business development company specializing in providing corporate development, financing and business evolution services to the media/entertainment and technology industries. Drawing from its global infrastructure of experienced professionals, Cameron Thomson's expertise is in transforming businesses ideas into prosperous commercial opportunities. Cameron Thomson has established a long standing track record in building successful entertainment and technology companies that maximize the value of their intellectual property across current and evolving platforms.

Cameron Thomson Group is based in Toronto, Canada, with offices in London, Lake Como-Italy, Los Angeles, and Taipei.