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BRE-X: The Real Story Adds Cameron Thomson Group President Ronald Thomson As Executive Producer

· Press Release

Los Angeles – Cameron Thomson Group, the pre-eminent business development corporation focused on media, entertainment and technology, is pleased to announce President, Ronald Thomson as Executive Producer on the upcoming major motion picture based on the BRE-X gold mine fraud of the 1990s. BRE-X: The Real Story is a behind the scenes exposé of the deals and deceptions that precipitated one of the biggest stock scandals in Canadian history, and the biggest mining scandal of all time. 

“I am thrilled to be involved in executive producing BRE-X,” said Thomson from Cameron Thomson Group’s corporate offices on Toronto’s Bay Street, which are a stone’s throw away from the towers of power where the infamous BRE-X gold mine fraud turned the TSX upside down, defrauded investors of billions of dollars.

“BRE-X is a uniquely Canadian story. Its meteoric rise and spectacular fall is the largest and most sensational case of corporate malfeasance in Canadian history,” says Thomson. “The film follows BRE-X CEO David Walsh's path to the dark side as he turns a fledging mining company into an overnight behemoth by claiming to have discovered the largest deposit of gold on the planet. When the truth comes out ­that there is no gold at all, thousands of investors are wiped out to the tune of $6 billion. It’s an unbelievably amazing story.”

Ronald Thomson joined forces late last year with veteran film producers Scott Rosenfelt, Roger Goff and Thomas Leong to found Cinema Veritas, a film entertainment company which develops, finances and produces strongly narrative feature films, documentaries and episodic programming targeted to the 45+ global audience. This year, in addition to the BRE-X feature, Cinema Veritas will also spearhead the production of an extensive slate of film and television projects for world audiences.

About Cinema Veritas

Cinema Veritas was founded in 2013 by Thomson, Roger Goff and Hollywood producer Scott Rosenfelt, to develop, finance and produce strongly narrative feature films, documentaries and episodic programming responding to the growing, but under-served demand for filmed entertainment tailored to the 45+ global audience.

Scott Rosenfelt is one of Hollywood’s most successful independent producers, and the creative center of Cinema Veritas. His credits include the $1 billion global blockbuster Home Alone; Julia Roberts’ debut film Mystic Pizza, Michael J. Fox’s Teen Wolf, the Sundance Film Festival winner Smoke Signals, and many more.

Roger Goff is a partner with Wolf, Rifkin, Shapiro, Schulman, Rabkin LLP in Los Angeles, and a business advisor and dealmaker for privately held entertainment companies. Much of Roger's practice is in the film industry where he regularly represents both producers and financiers in a variety of film finance transactions. He is consistently involved in the development and production of dozens of feature films, negotiating deals with representatives for writers, actors and directors, in addition to arranging financing and distribution.

Cinema Veritas also enjoined Thomas Leong, a respected film and television veteran based in China, Thomas Leong has produced or executive produced twenty full-length feature films throughout the Greater China region. He is a partner with OneGate Capital and the founder of OneGate’s Media& Entertainment Group and has over twelve years experience in private equity fund management in Greater China. 

Heading up marketing for Cinema Veritas is Pamela Rodi, an award-winning creative director, owner of Rodi Marketing, and EVP of Marketing for Cinema Veritas. She was VP, Global Creative Advertising at Sony Pictures Entertainment for 10 years, and EVP Marketing and Publicity for Myriad Pictures, where she handled Margin Call. Ms. Rodi has created campaigns for hundreds of films and has a reputation for delivering studio-quality campaigns at independent prices.

About Cameron Thomson Group Ltd.

Cameron Thomson Group Ltd. is a leading business development company specializing in providing corporate development and investment banking services to the media, IT and entertainment industries. Drawing from its broad base of experienced and highly motivated professionals, Cameron Thomson's expertise is in transforming business ideas into prosperous commercial opportunities.


Cameron Thomson has a track record in building successful media companies that maximize the value of their intellectual properties globally through traditional media, the Internet, and via evolving broadband and wireless distribution mediums. Cameron Thomson Group is based in Toronto, Canada, with offices in Milan (Como), London, and Los Angeles.

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