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Cameron Thomson Entertainment Ltd. develops, finances, produces and distributes filmed entertainment for world audiences. We employ the most talented professionals in our industry, and we are well positioned to provide clients and partners the resources needed to create and monetize film and televisual programming globally.

Through our innovative approach, we offer proven solutions for international co-production and creative, effective TV and film financing best practices. The core values of Cameron Thomson Entertainment afford us the ability to respond to the volatile forces of today's changing media distribution landscape, with a management team whose knowledge and experience is in identifying and responding to evolving trends and opportunities in the international marketplace.

We propel our projects and clients through development, financing, production and distribution with committed dedication and passion to successfully turn valuable intellectual property into commercially successful properties.

Cameron Thomson Entertainment...maximising the value of creative expression across today's
televisual distribution platforms.

Aug 20'14 - Bre-X Film Gains Traction in Hollywood

April 22'14 - Cameron Thomson To Lead Taiwan Film Studios Development

Jan 9'14 - BRE-X Film Adds Cameron Thomson President As Executive Producer

Sept 5'13 - Cameron Thomson Completes Major Film Financing